The second story of OvenMediaEngine Use Case.

Updated: Jun 10


Thanks to everyone for your interest in OvenMediaEngine, our open-source and sub-second latency streaming server. We'd love to hear about your experience with OvenMediaEngine. So, special thanks to Stefano Mazzoni for sharing this story with us.

This is the experience Mazzoni shared with us, and the second story we want to share with you.

Q. What were you trying to do with OvenMediaEngine?

A. I'm making a webinar system project completely free for a religious non-profit organization. And the important webinar was successfully completed and thank you again for offering this amazing tool.

Q. Why did you need OvenMediaEngine?

A. I choose OME because it was the only open-source software capable of streaming in real-time to a large number of users (500+). My goal is to build a webinar system with two-way communication (Publisher and Viewer as a speaker) that can scale easily.

Q. What advantages did you find in OvenMediaEngine?

A. With OME I achieved the ability to stream real-time webinars to a lot of viewers without quality reliability downgrade (except for intermittent segmentation faults crashes). The scalability is the main strong point of OME. And I like your team's prompt communications.

Q. What else would like from OvenMediaEngine?

A. OME features that I would like to have:

  1. WebRTC publisher.

  2. Multiple combined WebRTC publishers and RTMP publishers that converge in a single video stream (this would allow the host to publishing via RTMP and viewers to publish via WebRTC so that all can see multiple people speaking with only one stream).

  3. Authentication mechanisms for the Publisher and Viewer.

  4. Possibly encrypt Publisher streams.

Later we talked with Mazzoni and found some major issues:

  1. OME crashing with a segmentation fault.

  2. A number of requests (about 14,400) to a non-existing stream will completely block OME and prevent it to send or receive data.

Now, with the efforts of our team and feedback from Mazzoni, all of these issues have been resolved. Thank you to everyone who worked hard to advance OvenMediaEngine. Please click HERE to see the latest version of OvenMediaEngine.

Thanks for reading!

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