POSCO's Integrated Management System for Promotional Photo Materials using OvenAsset.

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Airensoft Co., Ltd. won the project that is Integrated Management System for Promotional Photo Materials of POSCO, a steel-making company. This project is going to be a good use case of taking advantage of the stability and excellence of OvenAsset, our Digital Asset Management Solution(DAM) and used by POSCO ICT, part of POSCO affiliate. Moreover, we also expect our DAM to expand into an infrastructure that is integrated management system/solution for corporate promotional assets.

OvenAsset supports a structure in which company members can manage various digital assets such as video, image, audio, document, that the company possesses. Therefore, the goal of this project is to build up the system that supports the integrated management of numerous promotional photo materials/assets that are managed separately by each local PC administrators, and rapid search and smooth use structure.

This project makes it possible for POSCO ICT to secure the integrated management and use system of in-house digital assets, to remove the risk of damage and loss of digital assets, and to provide a stable and fast work environment. Best of all, the continued use of this solution is expected to have a significant impact on cost savings.

AirenSoft can support flexible and differentiated technologies for managing your digital assets and help to enhance your company's internal/external competitiveness. So we are confident that we recognized for our value by providing high-quality media technology to more and more people/companies.

Thank you.

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