OvenMediaEngine update history after 0.10.0.

In this article, we will show you what updates have been made so far since OvenMediaEngine version 0.10.0 released on March 31, 2020.

We hear about issues every day from many people who love OvenMediaEngine and try to improve them. Also, people in our open-source community are contributing to the development of OvenMediaEngine just like their own work.

Thank you so much for paying attention to our work and walking with us for a better future.

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v0.10.7 (Aug 8, 2020)


  • Fixed a problem that SIGSEGV occurred intermittently in WebRTC (#114, #163, #164)

  • Fixed an issue where the RTSP pull provider does not reconnect when the server disconnects (#168)


  • Improved to support the case of dynamically changing sample rates in AAC (#157)


v0.10.6 (Jul 24, 2020 - Commits)


  • Fixed a problem where the resource was not cleaned up when the client was disconnected

  • Fixed a problem where the RtspcProvider timeout did not work properly (#150)


  • Changed queue size (#155)


v0.10.5 (Jul 16, 2020 - Commits)


  • Fixed a typo in the configuration module (#144, #147)

  • Fixed to install NASM as source code in CentOS and Fedora (#146)

  • Fixed MPEG-TS setting provided in sample Server.xml (#145)

  • Fixed Origin-Relay-Edge issue (#148)


v0.10.4 (Jul 8, 2020 - Commits)


  • Support MPEG-TS/UDP input (Beta)

  • Support RTSP Pull input (Beta)

  • Support Audio/Video only input stream

  • Added an output stream with the same name as the input stream's name automatically generated

  • The output stream name in the default configuration file is now the same as the input stream name. (Remove "_o" from the existing "<Input Stream Name>_o")

  • For details, please click HERE


  • Fixed a problem that occurs when the PTS does not increase monotonously in RTSP

  • Fixed a problem of a crash when playing WebRTC due to SDP update

  • Fixed a problem caused by timing issues that update the SDP during WebRTC playback

  • Fixed a problem with multiple input streams in RTMP


  • Refactored Provider/Media Router codes


v0.10.3 (May 19, 2020 - Commits)


  • Fixed the problem that the session log is repeated

  • Fixed several memory leaks

  • Fixed HLS not working in Edge clustering

  • Fixed an issue that caused a forced termination when deleting a stream


  • The performance of RtspcProvider and HlsPublisher has been improved


v0.10.2 (May 8, 2020 - Commits)


  • Use "jemalloc" to improve memory allocation performance

  • Supported audio for RtspcProvider


  • Fixed a problem that the P2P module didn't work

  • Fixed jitter correction errors

  • Fixed several memory leaks

  • Fixed a crash issue by memory allocation

  • Removed warning on compile


  • The performance of "RtspcProvider/OvtStream/Orchestrator/ServerSocket" has been improved

※ NOTE: Some external libraries have been changed and added, so you have to run prerequisites.sh again.


v0.10.1 (Apr 7, 2020 - Commits)


  • Unnecessary providers and publishers can be turned off

  • Added a correction algorithm to correct LL-DASH timestamp

  • Organized source codes related to VHost


  • Rewritten algorithm to detect SPS/PPS

  • Fixed high CPU usage problem

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when using OvtPacketizer


  • Changed OpenSSL download URL in prerequisites.sh


v0.10.0 (Mar 31, 2020 - Commits)


  • Streaming Server

  • Support virtual hosts

  • Support multiple applications

  • Origin-Edge

  • OVT pull provider and OVT publisher for origin-edge structure

  • OriginMap with Origins configuration

  • Pulling an origin stream dynamically when a user requests

  • Providers

  • RTSP pull provider (beta)

  • Publishers

  • Low-Latency MPEG-DASH

  • Improved AV sync of WebRTC by adding RTCP SR

  • Implemented WebSocket ping/pong specification

  • Transcoding

  • Added bypass profile

  • Optimized transcoder for performance

  • Statistics

  • Added a monitoring module to collect statistics metrics

  • WebRTC, HLS and DASH statistics log output (beta)

  • Etc.

  • Support Docker


  • Improved RTMP stability

  • Improved HTTP Server stability

  • Fixed several transcoding related errors

  • Fixed several memory leaks


  • Changed configuration file structure

  • Changed the encoder for H.264 from OPENH264 to x264

  • Refactoring to increase code readability

  • Moved all OvenMediaEngine related libraries to "/opt/ovenmediaengine" to avoid conflicts

Thank you.

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