A new version of OvenMediaEngine is available in May 2019!

Updated: May 24, 2019

We are pleased to inform you of updates to OvenMediaEngine!

OvenMediaEngine, Open Source Ultra-Low Latency Streaming Server, has been updated to version 0.9. This update focuses on improving Ease of Use and Stability.

To make it easier to use, we have applied the following:

  • Minimized setting after installation.

  • Adds it to the service daemon using "make install".

  • Included a script that automatically installs prerequisites.

  • Changed the format to make Server.xml more comfortable to use.

  • Provides Installation and Configuration Guide.

  • Provides OvenPlayer Demo with HTTP or HTTPS applied.

To make the system more stable, we applied the following:

  • Outputs a more detailed error log.

  • Checks Server.xml format and Version, when you run this.

  • Supports Main/High profile in H.264 by changing the decoder from OpenH264 to FFMPEG.

  • Changed the default log file path to /var/log/ovenmediaengine/.

  • Changed the root of the relative path of the certificate to the configuration file path.

  • Fixed a bug that MPEG-DASH sometimes does not play.

  • Fixed a problem that "a = group:BUNDLE" parsing failed in SDP.

  • Fixed a problem where CorssDomain does not apply in HLS/MPEG-DASH.

  • Fixed a variety of minor bugs found through continuous QA.

Please click here for more information about updates.

Also, we are currently using WebRTC, but we plan to release OME 1.0 soon with CMAF to support Ultra-Low Latency Streaming on a broader variety of environments.

If you would like to learn more about OvenMediaEngine, please click on the item below:

Thank you!

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