OvenMediaEngine 0.10.0 has released.

OvenMediaEngine, an Open-Source Streaming Server developed by AirenSoft, has updated to version 0.10.0. This means OvenMediaEngine has become the world's first streaming server, that supports both WebRTC and Low Latency HTTP (DASH) protocol.

Above all, we are taking the lead in disseminating ultra-low latency streaming technology. And AirenSoft has announced that it would spare no investment and effort to realize Near Real-Time Streaming beyond Ultra-Low Latency Streaming with a sub-1 second.

This update focused on Features, Scalability, and Reliability to support more people, systems, and infrastructure. Please check the updates below. Of course, you can also check on GitHub.


Streaming Server

  • Supports Virtual Hosts.

  • Supports Multiple Applications.

Origin to Edge

  • OVT Pull Provider and OVT Publisher for Origin-Edge structure.

  • [OriginMap] with [Origins] configuration.

  • Pulling an origin stream dynamically when a user requests.


  • RTSP Pull Provider (Beta).

  • Publishers.

  • Low-Latency MPEG-DASH has introduced as a new output protocol.

  • AV synchronization of WebRTC has improved by adding RTCP SR.

  • The WebSocket Ping/Pong specification has implemented.


  • The bypass has included in the transcoding profile.

  • Transcoder performance has optimized.


  • The monitoring module for collecting statistics metrics has added.

  • Outputs WebRTC, HLS, and DASH statistics logs (Beta).


  • Supports Docker


  • RTMP reliability has improved.

  • HTTP server stability has enhanced.

  • Transcoding-related errors have fixed.

  • Memory leaks have modified.


  • The structure of the configuration file has changed.

  • The encoder for H.264 has replaced from [OPENH264] to [x264].

  • Refactoring to increase code readability

  • Moved all OvenMediaEngine related libraries to [/opt/ovenmediaengine] to avoid conflicts.

And if you need a new manual, please click HERE.

Thank you.

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