JTBC decided to use OvenPlayer!

JTBC, which has been loved by many people in all fields of broadcasting such as News, Entertainment, Variety Show, Drama, and Sports in Korea, has applied OvenPlayer while rebuilding their Golf Channels.

OvenPlayer is the HTML5 web standard player and developed for the more advanced streaming with Ultra-Low Latency. Most importantly, we released OvenPlayer as Open Source (If you are interested, please visit our GitHub).

We conducted more tests because we thought it should not harm commercial services. Also, we customized it for their customers to eliminate the gap between the existing and the new viewing environment. As a result, The process of inserting OvenPlayer into the JTBC Golf Channels were very smooth.

As we proceeded with this project, we were able to create a more robust and reliable OvenPlayer. We appreciate JTBC for its contribution to our product and media technology.

Check out OvenPlayer applied to the JTBC Golf Channels!

Thank you!

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