Hyundai Motor Group's Self-directed Learning Support System Project using OvenAsset.

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

AirenSoft Co., Ltd. selected as a provider of video solutions in Self-directed Learning Support System Construction Project of Hyundai Motor Group, and we applied OvenAsset, our Digital Asset Management Solution(DAM), which acquired the GS certificate in May. And this system is going to use well by Hyundai AutoEver, part of Hyundai Motor Group.

The project our performed is to build the system for archiving, transcoding, managing, and sharing contents to serve educational video data, which exist in the infrastructure to support in-house online education/training of Hyundai AutoEver, in diverse environments. Moreover, OvenAsset was used in this project because it supports the system for systematic management and use of various media in a company. So, the solution has much utilized in educational institutions, companies, and public organizations.

Through this project, Hyundai AutoEver can experience stable and rapid business improvement effects in systematic management of video contents and media service structure for in-house online education/training. So we are confident that AirenSoft grows further as a leader in the digital/media asset management solutions.

Thank you!

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