Ewha Womans University, a Korean university that boasts 130 years, has installed OvenAsset

Updated: Aug 12

The advent of the Z generation, a generation that naturally encountered the Internet during its growth has increased the demand for online education services significantly in recent years. This led to the need for an environment that can provide more noticeable educational services, naturally switching from the image-centered education to video. Now, the video is the key to an online learning environment. Just a few years ago, the service structure to manage and utilize videos was not so important in the educational environment. According to the times, however, a video providing environment became a core infrastructure, and Media Asset Management (MAM), which is a system for managing and sharing videos, became a necessity.

What is Media Asset Management?

Even now, we live in all kinds of content combining video, audio, image, and text. This is because some people create content and others consume that content. If time goes by and somebody's content is accumulated and is worth using, it's the person's asset, isn’t it? Nobody wants to lose their assets. This led to a need for a tool to centralize, manage, control and share with others not to lose those assets, which is Media Asset Management.

The management tools released to the world have slightly different terms and positions depending on the type of use, but the boundaries are ambiguous, so you may think that most of them are similar tools. For example, Digital Asset Management (DAM) is known as a system for managing documents, it is not true because documents include videos, photos and more. Of course, DAM is a solution built from the ground up to manage all content produced by the enterprise. However, it is true that the boundaries of assets are ambiguous because the solution is classified by user and usage pattern.


Below is an interview with Mr.Park, a member of Ewha Womans University, who chose OvenAsset.

What is MAM that Ewha W. University has used so far?

As a leading university in education infrastructure, Ewha Womans University has used Learning Management System (LMS) called the Cyber Campus for a long time and has built a Learning Contents Management System (LCMS) called the Core Campus to automatically record and collect lecture videos. In order to use these videos, we have managed all educational contents of Ewha Womans University such as Transcoding, Editing, Sorting, Sharing, and Publishing educational videos in connection with Cyber Campus. In other words, Ewha Womans University was using video as its core educational content and already built a video management and distribution structure to provide a good online education environment.

Why did Ewha W. University choose OvenAsset?

We thought that the system that is currently built on our server is outdated and its security and stability are poor. Managing content called video is very tricky and sensitive, which causes many issues. And the issue may be fatal to us. Therefore, we had the criteria for judging that it will be advantageous to secure stability by having various experiences and the original technology of media and performing a solution based on the system rather than System Integration (SI).

As a result, AirenSoft accurately identified our needs from pre-meetings, provided clear baseline points for project feasibility and suggested satisfactory alternatives and strategies for the impossible part. During the presentation and priority negotiations, they also provided consulting support to us with a fast and positive attitude. In the process, we were able to identify the sincerity and technology of AirenSoft for media services, and we did not have to worry about choosing OvenAsset.

When choosing OvenAsset, what was your most important consideration?

It may be the same in all systems: stability and usability. Stability is very important in the structure of managing and sharing media assets. The content registered in Core campus (LCMS) should be systematically managed so that the Cyber campus (LMS) can provide good quality educational content to a large number of students. Next, usability is also important. Managing content called video is ultimately up to people. That is why we focused on ease of use, such as fast transcoding performance of video and accurate and flexible metadata control, which are basics as a management system.

What is the most satisfying thing after choosing OvenAsset?

Based on the time of the interview now, one semester has passed after the introduction of OvenAsset. I'm primarily satisfied with AirenSoft's after-care system, which was able to respond quickly to issues that arose during a semester. I'm also satisfied with the result that more than 5,000 contents were registered during one semester but operated without error, and I think that this part is impossible without the original technology for media. I expect that it will be stably operated without any problems in the future. Even if there is a problem, I'm relieved that there is the active support of AirenSoft. Thank you.

Finally, have you regretted choosing AirenSoft?

I didn't regret it at all. I personally think that the most important thing in the project is a partnership. This is because a good partnership makes the project smooth and the results are clear enough to satisfy each other. In this project, the partnership with AirenSoft was excellent. Thank you for proving that my thought was not wrong.


Thank you very much to Mr.Park for this interview with AirenSoft.

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