SDK for Mobile Live Broadcasting Service

The penetration rate of mobile devices is increasing, and it's an era that everyone can broadcast. You can easily build a mobile broadcast service using OvenLiveKit. Besides, if you use OvenMediaEngine together, you can implement a near real-time streaming service. According to tests, when streaming from OvenLiveKit to OvenMediaEngine and from OvenMediaEngine to OvenPlayer, the AV streaming latency was only 7 frames

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OvenStreamEncoder is a Sample App based on OvenLikeKit for Android. In the basic version, the screen, being capture with a camera on your smartphone, can be transferred using RTMP. Also, this is the best encoder for OvenMediaEngine and can live streaming with less than ten frames of latency in an optimized environment.


Streaming from Mobile

If your smartphone supports Android, you can live broadcast anytime, anywhere, regardless of time and place.

Transmit by RTMP and TS

OvenLiveKit supports RTMP and MPEG-TS, the most popular protocols people use for reliable transmission in all environments.

Screen and Audio Capture

OvenLiveKit not only sends the video, being shot from a camera on your smartphone but also captures and transmits the screen.

Live Encoding

OvenLiveKit has embedded AirenSoft's live encoder for faster and more reliable streaming in the mobile environment.

Fine Control Video Quality

You can fine-tune such as Screen Orientation, Resolution, Frame-rate, Bit-rate, Audio Channels, and Audio Sample-rate.

Provide SDK

OvenLiveKit is provided in an SDK format that can be used unlimitedly per one service, so you can develop more easily without restrictions.

Please make sure to try OvenStreamEncoder before you purchase OvenLiveKit.

If you decide to buy this product, please feel free to contact us.

OvenLiveKit has optimized for OvenMediaEngine.

So it can stream with less than ten frames of latency at best conditions.


OvenLiveKit is being utilized widely.

Please refer to the use cases below.