Sub-Second Latency Live Streaming Server with Large-Scale and High-Definition

The latency of 30 seconds or more in a typical unidirectional broadcast is not an issue. However, this is different for the interactive video streaming service because the viewer actively participates should be immediately reflected in the broadcast. The reasons for the latency in streaming is very diverse and difficult to solve. Now, OvenMediaEngine with our know-how can solve these problems at once.

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OvenMediaEngine (OME) is a Sub-Second Latency Live Streaming Server with Large-Scale and High-Definition. OME supports you can create platforms/services/systems that live stream to large audiences of hundreds or more with sub-second latency and be scalable, depending on the number of concurrent viewers.


OvenPlayer is JavaScript-based WebRTC Player for OvenMediaEngine. OvenPlayer automatically plays with WebRTC, Low Latency DASH, MPEG-DASH, HLS, and RTMP for your browser environment. It also supports WebRTC Signaling from OME and includes various functions as the media player.




OME is transparent and reliable because it is open source. So you can use and edit it for free and get help from the community or customize it yourself.

Various Protocols

OME uses various protocols to support many streaming environments. They are WebRTC, Low Latency DASH, MEPG-DASH, and HLS.

Live Transcoder

OME has embedded Live Transcoder because browsers support a few codecs. So you need transcoding and it uses VP8, H.264, Opus, AAC and Bypass.

Streaming Server

OME has the Origin-Edge structure that works by domain pattern matching to handle high-volume streaming and scaling. This structure can easily replace the existing infra and operate reliably.

WebRTC Player

OvenPlayer is a very compact player based on HTML5 Standard. It also provides a web view optimized for the mobile environment. The main point is most optimized for OvenMediaEngine.

Ease of Use

OME and OvenPlayer provide a tutorial to help you install and use it efficiently. OME also supports platforms such as Docker, Ubuntu, CentOS, and Fedora.

If you want to experience OvenPlayer, please go to our demo page includes a test player.

You can get the most powerful streaming solution with sub-second latency.
Our products are designed to work in the best possible conditions by being tightly connected.


OvenMediaEngine and OvenPlayer have been released under the AGPLv3 and MIT license.
However, please feel free to email us if you need another license.

Also, if you need technical support while using open-source, please visit AirenSoft's GitHub Issues.

More and more partners are using OvenMediaEngine and OvenPlayer.