A Tool for Managing and Sharing Content with Team Members

Do you want to manage all your content and metadata with your team members anytime, anywhere? If yes, you need OvenAsset. It is just Digital Asset Management (DAM) but includes coworking features such as Category, Editing, Marking, and Sharing for you who perform many collaborations in media production. Moreover, it will be perfect for you, as content creator like you has involved in the development.

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OvenAsset is digital asset management for you and your team that combines the functionality of content management and collaboration tools such as uploading, encoding, streaming, editing, sharing, archiving, and sorting. It is also installed directly on the server, so you can safely protect your content.

OvenCloud Pro

OvenCloud Pro is a cloud-based service of OvenAsset. This service that anyone can access anytime, anywhere using a website or mobile app so that you can make team collaboration tools at low cost without development. Sign up now, and it is free for one month.


Members with Roles

Typically, content creation is finished by the team, not by individuals. So we provide you with the feature to invite your members and assign a role in your cloud. Of course, you can use it alone.

Integrated Encoding

Media files have many filename extensions. There are dozens of things you know. So we offer you the feature to encode all uploaded media files for smooth streaming and management.

Modifiable Metadata

We know that metadata about media files is very important. Moreover, we also see that you have rules for sorting your data and they are part of the metadata.

Comment with Timestamp

We often make mistakes when talking online. “I think this scene is too dark.” "I don’t know what the scene you said.“ So we show the playback time when you write a comment.

1-Frame Playback

When reviewing media content, you need to play in 1-frame units. Each time, download this content and use the player on your PC. It is inconvenient. So we made it possible in the cloud.

URLs for Collaboration

Sometimes you need  Cooperation for growth. Use the upload-only or streaming URLs, when you receive or send files. The key here is that you can control all the links you have created.


If you want to experience the OvenAsset demo, you can also use OvenCloud Pro.

Still, if you need the demo of OvenAsset, please contact us.

As you can see, nowadays content such as Videos, Images, and Music files are the digital asset.

So, centralizing your content is reasonable.

This little action makes you more and more convenient.

First-class Good Software Certification

OvenAsset, an installation-based digital asset management tool, obtained the first-class good software certification that based on ISO/IEC 25023, 25041, and 25051 international standards, by Telecommunications Technology Association(TTA) in Korea.

OvenAsset and OvenCloud Pro are using like this.

Please refer to the use cases below.

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